Saturday, December 19, 2009

BIBJ Playlist of the 2000s entry #4: Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire

Attention Arcade Fire:

I would like to see this happen at some point between August 6-8, 2010, in Grant Park.  Thank you and good day.

Every time I see footage of the music festivals at Reading or Glastonbury, I always think the same thing:  what is with the massively huge flags?  I like to picture the flag wavers actually trying to get through the front gate at the start of the festival hauling such a comically large banner.  Do they plant them in the ground or actually hold on to them the entire time?  It really just seems like a big hassle, but I say that as someone who hates bringing anything I don't need to outdoor fests.  Every year I have an inner debate on whether to even bring sunscreen, weighing back and forth the slight inconvenience of a bulge in cargo shorts vs. a sure-fire blistering sunburn to my pale Irish face.  It's usually a 50-50 proposition on whether I bring the sunscreen or not.

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