Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It All Gets Better with Advertising

This story keeps getting better.

On its face, this is a tragic 'Man allegedly hits girlfriend's daughter with a hammer for snoring' story. Charles Williamson admits whipping the 14-year-old with his belt for the cardinal sin of "upsetting" his collection of Dale Earnhardt
memorabilia, a story made seedier considering Charles Williamson was once a prison guard. But the real fun starts when you read the story on the website for the Muncie Star Press.

Williamson was evidently so tired of listening to his girlfriend and his daughter snore that he had planned on kicking them out of his home. Evidently that wasn't enough to get through to these nefarious log sawyers. Hence, the alleged claw hammer incident. It's all settled now and appearing in papers and websites all over the world. And that's when things get funny. Here's an ad accompanying the story from the Star Press page as it appeared Wednesday morning.
Granted, this is an automatic ad the refreshes to Pizza Hut, and Ball State football depending on when you visit, but this couldn't be any better if it had been an ad for Hammerin' Hank's Blood Remover.

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