Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Adventures of Being Robbie Hummel

Robbie Hummel is currently playing on the US World University Games team.'s Luke Winn has posted an interview with the Boiler standout that wonderfully outlines the multi-faceted world that is college athletics.

In the interview Hummel hits many bases including:

  • Coach Matt Painter's axioms - "Everybody can't play shortstop and bat leadoff."
  • The perils of fake MySpace and Twitter accounts - "My God that thing was making me sick."
  • Fans obsessed with Hummel's back health - "Did you get that Eucalyptus oil? Call me back."
  • What another big man could bring to the Boilers - "[Craig Brackins of Iowa State] is big, has post moves, and can shoot.
It seems that Hummel's enjoying himself, keeping his back healthy, and even giving glimpses of a four-year career at Purdue - "It makes a mockery of what college basketball is supposed to be about: Somebody going to get their education at college, and playing basketball at the same time."

Just stay healthy Rob, and try not to make Coach Painter chuck too many balls off of the backboard.

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Anonymous said...

Hummel is a class act and a good guy. He's a true student-athlete, and a heck of a player. Also, he makes bed head look cool. If his back stays helathy, watch out for Purdue next season.