Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pro Run Ep 6: Attack of the Glamazons!

Let me start by saying that there is no excuse for my laziness in not blogging about the Brooke Shields episode. But in my defense, the episode was a ripoff of the Sarah Jessica Parker ep from last year, so just read that blog instead.

Well, I had mixed feelings about last night's show. It was fun to see Chris March (a.k.a. Harvey Fierstein) back for a visit, and 7' drag queens do make for intersting television, but if I were on the show, I'd be pissed. When will "the next great American designer" ever have to make giant women's superhero outfits? Luckily, this was a nice buffer episode that let the producers finally get rid of Daniel, so no harm, no foul.

**side note: I already can't wait for the reunion episode, when they will undoubtedly show the "Daniel pouting" montage**

A few random notes before we get to the designs:

  • at the beginning of the show, Heidi looked like Sandy Ollsen from Grease. I think I hear Broadway calling.

  • best drag queen name: Farrah Moans; worst drag queen name: Sweetie

  • Tim Gunn at Mood = 3rd grade teacher at state capital building field trip

Tim: "What do you say?"

entire cast: "Thank you, Mood!"

  • I almost hesitate to mention it, because it will only encourage Blayne, but I at least appreciated whichever cast member referred to themselves as "annoyedlicious"
  • Why was the fan poll of who people would rather see in drag so damn close? I thought for sure Tim would take at least 90% of the vote.

  • Are there drag kings?

Alright. On to the show:

Kenley - You play smart. This is safe enough to be in the middle of the pack. No need to try and knock one out of the park on a this dumb-ass challenge.

Blayne - For future reference, having your design called a terradactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park is not a compliment...even for a drag queen episode.

Joe - congrats on a win that will have no bearing on the rest of the show. That jumpsuit will look great when Pepto-Bismol launches its disco-superhero-indigestion-crime fighter mascot!

Stella - I'm starting to love you. Hopefully the producers will keep you around for entertainment's sake until the final three (you can be this season's Chris March).

Suede - your queen looked sort of like your older brother. And he bullied you like you were his little brother! How cute.

Daniel - No worries. You've got a short-wearing boyfriend waiting for you at home. Your lower lip and impeccable (yet absent) taste will be missed.

Terri - Those are some intense sleeves. And rarely does a drag queen show almost no skin. You've got Acid Betty whipped.

Jerell - Michael Kors seems to think this outfit looks normal. It makes me more worried about Kors than you. But you lose points for encouraging the collar pop craze that has plagues the 2000's.

Korto - You tapped into the secret of all drag queens: deep down, they always want to be Disney villians

Keith - You tapped into the secret of all drag queens: deep down, they never want to be a Disney guy-who-turns-into-dog

Leanne - You get ignored in almost every episode. But I applaud your origami/crumpled-paper-in-a-waste-basket design

My favorite design of this episode: Korto

My current top three: Kenley, Terri, Suede (he's losing ground

The next to go: I wish it was Blayne, but it'll probably be Keith.


Jill said...

1) I laughed a lot about this episode. Especially when I thought how the designers would have to make holders for their boobs and try to disguise their "candy."

2) I also COMPLETELY agree about annoyedlicious. Along with Daniel pouting, there will no doubt be a montage of all of Blayne's liciouslicious words. Leanne gained points with me as she made fun of this.

3) I almost texted in to vote for Tim Gunn but I thought, nah, the vote will already be like 90/10. And Aaron doesn't like spending extra money on ridiculous texts. I figured everyone else thought this too and only 6 people voted, thus giving such an even split. Alas, like you, I was totally expecting Michael Kors to get about 1%. Right on there my brother.

4) Weren't you a little freaked out when the drag queens came in and half of them actually looked like kind of normal guys? It made me wonder if I know any drag queens....hmmmm.....

5) I am proud of/rooting for Joe. But, who would have thought amidst all those gays, that the only straight dude would win the drag queen competition. Go figure.

6) PS - I would have written this last week - I think Kenley's starting to get a little bit bitchy. I'm just sayin.

Reilly said...

why are there no more reviews?!