Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pro Run Ep 4

Tanning gives you power?

Creating literal fashion?

The Beatles were from the 30's?

I think this was one of the first times that even Tim Gunn couldn't handle the idiocy of a contestant. And the mere fact that Blayne seems to be getting the most airtime this season is a testament to the uninteresting cast members. I couldn't help but think the producers asked Joe to throw a hissy fit. They probably saw that Daniel is teetering on the brink of an Andre meltdown, and needed someone to push him over the edge.

I enjoyed this challenge, because I watch the Olympics opening ceremonies to do two things: discover new countries (Nauru, Togo, Seychelles) and count how many countries incorporate berets into their color-coordinated wardrobe. I'm not quite sure why Apolo Ohno was selected to judge a competition when the challenge was women's wear, but I've got three theories:

(1) Amanda Beard wasn't available...or just hates clothing altogether
(2) Tim Gunn has a little crush (did you see his giddy little squeak when Ohno raced to a stop in front of him?)
(3) This is just another sign that Dancing With the Stars is taking over the world

I also liked this judge because it revealed how little the designers (other than Joe) know about athletics. I wonder why that is.

Here's the brickity-breakdown:

Blayne - When you said you wanted to design literally, did you think literally meant Speed Racer? And shame on you for encouraging Tim to say "holla at cha boy." SHAME ON YOU!

Daniel - I know you're missing on your boyfriend Wesley, but based on your inability to tell blue from purple and your teetering on the brink of emotional collapse, you'll probably reunite with him soon.

Jennifer - The Smithsonian cannot wait to hire you as their mannequin costumer. Good luck!

Jerell - The only thing more ridiculous that the outfit you made was the outfit you wore. Dude, next time, just google "athlete" instead of "Little House On the Prairie."

Joe- You win my vote, because I always support the person that actually considers the parameters of the challenge. It wouldn't be ridiculous to picture the actual Olympic team wearing this, though it is more of an actual competition outfit than a walking-around-the-track-as-fireworks-and-interpretive-dancers-go-nuts outfit. And everyone knows that Flo Jo already reached the pinacle of competition fashion (see pics at top of blog).

Keith - I know you Mormons love them, but giant collars and scarves will only weigh the athlete down.

Kelli - Your personality must be as boring as your designs, because the editors are giving you no love/air time.

Kenley - Nothing wrong with taking a challenge off when you have immunity. And don't listen to those other contestants making fun of your laugh. They're just jealous of your Betty Page bangs.

Korto- the goddess of a pretty good design (though the jacket seemed to be about 5 sizes too big)

Leanne - I think I liked this one when I watched the show, but now that I look at it, it reminds me of a flight attendant.

Stella - How embarrassing. The roller blading at the beginning of the episode confused you, and you thought the challenge was to create a roller derby uniform. Awkward.

Suede - Where were you this episode? Oh well. Runway fashion is obviously your thing, so just skating by is a win for you.

Terri - You made a jacket without breaking a sweat. That's a pretty clear sign that you may win this whole thing.

My favorite from this episode: Terri

My current Top Three: Kenley, Suede, Terri

The next to go: Daniel (Wesley, iron those Nazi shorts! Your boy is coming home!

On a final note, if you're disappointed with this season, you might want to check out Project Runway Philippines!


David Dust said...

Daniel seems to WANT to go home to Wesley at this point!

Also, I think some of the designers heard "SPECIAL" Olympics, and not Summer Olympics. "JerHell" in particular.

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The Dude said...

Lots of bikers watch the Olympics - I also learned from this episode that so dominatrixes - they like the leatha