Thursday, July 10, 2008

Your New AFC

If the word coming out of Jacksonville is true, and the Jaguars are headed to a slightly larger TV market, then the AFC is going to need a bit of a shakeup.

I was never too sure how the Colts ended up in the AFC South while Cincinnnati and Baltimore fit into the AFC North. If we're going to have geographic divisions, why not follow geography? Sure, one might notice that the Dallas Cowboys are in the NFC East, despite being further west than thirteen NFC teams - including St. Louis who is in the NFC West - but the Cowboys have a bit of historical precedence of success and rivalries. The same cannot be said of the relative spring chickens we have in the AFC's Titans, Jaguars, and Texans.

This Jag jump to the left coast can mean only one thing: AFC realignment. While it's not a science, here's how the divisions could break down:

AFC East

  • New England
  • New York Jets
  • Baltimore
  • Buffalo
AFC South
  • Houston
  • Tennessee
  • Miami
  • Cincinnati
AFC MidWest (formerly North)
  • Cleveland
  • Pittsburgh
  • Indianapolis
  • Kansas City
AFC West
  • Oakland
  • San Diego
  • Denver
  • LA Jags
Sure we'd lose the biannual battle for Ohio, and the Patriots will stomp 6 - 0 through their division, and in the end it would just be change for change's sake. Who cares? It's the NFL. It'll still be awesome.

By the way, Plan B is swapping the Jags to the NFC West and putting St. Louis in the AFC South. Bring on that twice a season Peyton Manning & Marc Bulger gun-sling-off.

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