Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pro Run Ep 3: Holla At Cha Boy

Again, I bring news of a trivia victory! Game 1 went to Team "Nobody Puts Brett In a Corner!" But on to more important matters...

A few random thoughts on last night's episode:

* Is anyone else getting sick of Blayne trying to force catchphrases down everyone's throat? First of all Blayne, if you're going to try and teach Tim Gunn to say "Holla at cha boy," you should probably knows what it means, as opposed to your definition of the phrase, which was something like "holla at cha dog." Secondly, I highly doubt that your psychotic "I'm gonna eat you" will have much staying power. Please, God, let Blayne have a tragic tanning accident and have to be sent home.

* Daniel sure seemed sad that Wesley was gone. I guess that explains this.

* I think Keith looks exactly like Kanye West (well, minus the rat tail).

But I digress. The challenge this week allowed the designers, for the first time this season, to have control over their clothing. They took pictures of NYC nightlife (and by nightlife, I mean random pieces of sewage machinery) and based their designs off of the pics. I would like to congratulate Bravo on resisting their natural urge to shove a product placement down out throat (a la Bluefly, Tresemme, L'Oreal, Reeses, etc.). I was sure that Maria Sharapova would show up with her talking dog as the guest judges, but no such luck.

On to the designs:

Keith - instead of making a dress look like it was made out of paper-mache, maybe you should have just made a dress out of paper-mache. Or are Mormons not allowed to work with wet paper?

Blayne - I guess I was wrong - there was a product placement in the episode. Blayne's dress: brought to you by Flintstone's Push-Up Pops!

Joe - my 1st reaction was that you had used a picture of the sex shop for inspiration.

Emily - your departure was foreshadowed when they showed you dismissing Tim Gunn's advice. Dammit Emily, I picked you for the final three (though, last year, I lost my 1st finalist in the 2nd episode, so I guess I'm improving).

Leanne - maybe the most dramatic turnaround in the course of one episode. Those little half-circle thingies on the skirt were cool (marvel at my mastery of fashion lingo) but i'm sure you'll fall back apart soon enough.

Jennifer - every girl needs a dress that they can wear in case they become a museum display.

Jerell - you are flying under the radar, buddy. But based on the facial mask, I predict you'll get jealous of Blayne's camera-hogging, and will soon make a dress so ugly they'll have to focus on you for an episode.

Kelli - is your model Katinka from Zoolander?

Daniel - Congrats! You found Wonka's golden ticket!! and made a dress out of it!!

Kenley - Joe's assessment was spot-on: this dress looks like a Ft. Lauderdale lawn chair. Oh, and the chair apparently has a fat ass.

Suede - I won't respond to this dress until you stop talking in the 3rd person.

Stella - Rock and roll until you die? Then why did you create a Tin Man/stripper outfit?

Korto - the goddess of sleek black jumpsuits!

Terri - those are some loud sleeves. I can't get behind that.

My top three for this challenge:, I thought all the rest kind of sucked

My current top three overall: Kenley, Suede, Terri

The next to go: Jennifer


Garman said...

The judges are starting to piss me off...

How can you say, "That dress would be good--IF I HAD A LEG GOITER OR SOMETHING!" about an outfit, and then pick that outfit to WIN!?!

Leanne's was clearly better, but I guess they couldn't pick it because, I don't know, I'd actually like to see a woman wearing it. If it looks too "normal" I guess it's not fashion. That's why Suede will probably win...

PS-Blayne prediction: Once he inevitably gets booted, he will resurface as chief designer at Hypercolor. Love those neon pastels!

jillian said...

Costello, you are right on. I am so damn sick of Blayne, and that would be a perfect way to go. He also keeps trying to use the catch phrase "licious." For example he called his dress girlicious and when Tim was at the door he said hey Timlicious. Um, I believe Fergie already has this tagline, so shut the hell up, Blayne. He wants to be Christian soooooooo bad.

Also, I want to punch Jennifer in the face and then give her a make over. I think Heidi does too.

I thought Keith was for sure going to go this week because they started the show talking about how hard it is to be a gay Mormon.

I am sad that Wesley turned out gay. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait til the LL Cool J episode for more shirtless hotness (I hope I hope!)