Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Can't Take Being Broke

There's all kinds of speculation as to where OSU's Mike Conley, Jr. will end up after the NBA draft. Most talk swirls around Memphis and Portland, but it seems like Conley's already reached the pinnacle of his young career.

He's been name dropped in a hip hop song. Maybe.

According to Conley's blog, he's mentioned in the Fabolous song "Jokes on You." Haven't downloaded it yet? Hop over to Fader for a listen.

With all honesty, I've listened to the thing four times and still can't hear Conley's name with any modest amount of intonation, unless he's 'Money Mike' mentioned 46 seconds in.

What I can say for certain is that this joint needs to be archived as an exhaustive chronicle of the past 20 years of comedy on Earth, which makes the inclusion of Dolly Parton and Mike Conley, Jr. all the more curious.

I present a sampling of popular references dropped as if they may or may not be hot.
  • Chris Tucker
  • Comedy Central
  • BET
  • Dolly Par(ton)
  • Sam Kinison
  • the Wayans Brothers
  • In Living Color
  • Bebe Kids
  • Dave Chappelle
  • Andrew Dice Clay
  • Kramer
  • Dane Cook
  • Delerious
  • Eddie Murph(y)
  • Bernie Mac
  • D.L. Hughley
  • Richard Pryor
  • Ashy Larry


SchrockStar said...

You can hear Pusha T say "Michael Conley" just after the Cosby reference at the 2:32 mark...

Ross McLochness said...

Is he turning Michael Conley into a verb?

And why would he go for Michael instead of Mike? Was he syllabically needing? But you're right, it does sound like Michael Conley.

Anonymous said...

He says Michael Collier. He's a comedian.


Ross McLochness said...

And I was about to say he was name dropping Billy Connolly of Head of the Class fame.

J. Poonhammer said...

I concur with "Michael Collier." It's a whole verse on comedians, which Conley, to the best of my knowledge, is not.