Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mind Explosion

The 24-hour Human Giant Marathon aired on MTV and MTV2 on Friday and Saturday, and proved to be one of the more bizarre and engaging exeperiments in recent TV history. The Human Giant crew stayed on-air live for 24 straight hours, and apparently also got control of the Times Square jumbotron (a priviledge that they used to full potential by broadcasting the creepy Aphex Twin "Come to Daddy" video to the population outside.) Throughout the 24 hours, they guys got help from Ted Leo and his inadvertently unplugged amp, Tegan and Sara's Canadian cuisine, Bob Odenkirk revealing the real names of rappers, Michael Showalter showing sketches from "The State" that did not feature him, and Tapes 'n Tapes proving that Clell Tickle's marketing campaign has worked to perfection. The entire rundown is available here.

While Human Giant got a million hits on their webpage throughout the telecast, insuring that they will get a second season, the news was not all joyful. The risks of live television were exposed on Friday night, when cast members of The Office, The Daily Show, and Arrested Deveolpment were involved in a disturbing hostage standoff/murder/suicide/resurrection that was broadcast uncensored to a shocked nationwide audience. The footage is chilling. And so are the accents.

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