Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'll Cover You

Summer is almost here, which means I'll have oodles of free time. And so lately, I've been searching for something that will consume my days (besides building corn hole sets and watching Oprah). And then finetune.com enters my life!

It's a website that allows you to create play lists of streaming music, based on a band name, another play list, or any random word. I registered. I've fiddled with it. And now, I share my first custom play list with the word.

After a few days of exploring, I'm pretty excited about the possibilities. It recommends new bands to you (without the embarrassment of feeling like an idiot at Luna) and allows you to easily preview songs (instead of struggling through amazon.com and windows media player). It also has a ridiculous amount of music. It doesn't limit you to the singles, but gives you access to the entire album and entire catalog of an artist. So yeah, I'm in love, and this is our first child:

I give you "Ironic Covers"

My next idea for a play list is "Songs with Girl Names in the Title."

Join in the fun!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice find. I like your playlist and then I used finetune.com--it's excellent! Thanks :)