Tuesday, September 26, 2006


After my fond farewell to woxy.com, and listening to their heartfelt signoff of the MC5's "Kick Out the Jams", it appears a white knight has been found! Bill Nguyen of Lala.com posted this on the woxy.com message boards:

Over the last week, I’ve seen the best parts of community online. While many websites describe themselves as a community, they’re no more than a bulletin board for folks to catch up. It doesn’t matter if it’s called GeoCities or MySpace, it’s just a big email account.

WOXY is dramatically different. Started by Doug and Linda and carried on the airwaves for more than two decades, WOXY became a place where people built memories and shared experiences through music.

While WOXY is broadcasted across the Internet to far reaching places, it always carries a bit of Cincinnati, OH and the incredible kind spirit of the people here. They’re independent and believe that music is more than just some form of content but it’s a part of their culture and their lives.

Over the next year, I’ll work to tell music fans across the States and the globe that independent music started in Oxford, OH and it foster in your city through WOXY.com. The music scene in San Francisco during the 60’s changed a generation and believe that what’s happening at WOXY could turn the tide of ‘one size fits all’ music.

What was started in Ohio may change music forever and define it’s future.

We’ll be providing some ideas for how you can help WOXY later this week and next week will be an amazing moment for WOXY and the future of Rock and Roll.

More than ever, I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to continue the tradition you’ve built.


An amazing third life for an outstanding operation. And it comes on the same day that episodes of the "The State" are avaiable on iTunes! It's like an unofficial holiday. Go ahead, take the rest of the day off, America. You deserve it.

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monkey said...

the State on itunes is the best news I've heard in YEARS.

I wanna dip my balls in it!