Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Apology accepted...for now

This quarter-page ad ran in today's Indianapolis Star, and quite frankly, it looks like Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh is "bringin' mea culpa back," a la Justin Timberlake.

Donnie notes that he's been around the longest and it's his duty to give the fans "a team that's fun, exciting and something to be proud of." Gee, you think the locals are a bit disgruntled after a brawl in Detroit (which still doesn't fall hard enough on Stephen Jackson, as Dirk Calloway will aptly note), the agonizingly protracted departure of Artest, and the lackluster performance this season punctuated with the listless get-me-out-of-here play of Peja Stojakovic?

Either way, I trust Donnie Walsh and I trust the promises from this ad. Why? First he's comforting an older woman that no doubt had season tickets back in the ABA barnstorming days at the Pepsi Coliseum. If she hasn't given up neither will I. Secondly, Donnie has brought back well-loved, get-me-back-to-Indiana Al Harrington. Lastly, you've got to trust any ad with Reggie Miller's face and name.

I still trust you Donnie, even though there are homers who think you should have drafted Steve Alford. Tell me though, isn't it a bit odd that a formal apology makes use of no current players? Can't we at least throw Jamaal Tinsley under the bus? Who cares. Reg-gie! Reg-gie! Reg-gie!

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