Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good Time to be a Mastadon

Thursday night, the Indiana University -Purdue University at Fort Wayne fighting Mastadons will square off with Summit League rival Southern Utah Thunderbirds. Not only will this be a battle royale of mythical/extinct animals, it just might decide who's the nation...sort of.

IPFW enters the game 4-9, smarting from a recent loss at Oral Roberts. Yet if the Mastadons prevail and the communicative property of sports upholds (which it never does) IPFW may be the best team in the nation.

Let the dominoes fall.

  • IPFW defeats Southern Utah
  • Southern Utah defeated UC-Riverside 76-65
  • UC-Riverside defeated Long Beach St. 69-67
  • Long Beach St. defeated Wisconsin - Green Bay 81-69
  • Wisconsin - Green Bay defeated Wisconsin - Madison 88-84
  • Wisconsin defeated Purdue 73-66
  • Purdue defeated Tennessee 73-72
  • Tennessee defeated #1 Kansas 76-68
Were these games the only ones ever played, the Mastadons could make a case for world domination. Somehow, I feel Texas and Kentucky might have an edge at the top of the polls though.

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