Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bad Idea Field Trip: The Conan O'Brien Chicago Rally

I believe that buried within the subtext of Martin Luther King's Lincoln Memorial speech, he had a deep a profound hope that one day the citizens of America would unite on his holiday to march in protest of a talk show host getting fired.

This is the only possible exclamation I can deduce from the fact that protests were held in four - FOUR! - different cities today to voice displeasure at NBC canning Conan O'Brien.  What possible reason could there be to hold a protest in Chicago for a talk show that takes place in Los Angeles?  I have no idea, but I decided to venture down to the NBC5 Tower and see how the crowd was.

I encountered about 150 or so protesters toting signs, home made masks, spray-painted orange mop-tops, and a variety of orange clothing.  What was particularly fun about this "protest" was that it essentially consisted of 100 or so people wandering around.  Once in a while somebody would start a "CoCo!" chant, or "Masturbating Bear!" chant, which would last about 15 seconds, and then people kept milling about.

My favorite moment was when somebody decided to start this age old protest battle cry:
Guy:  "Who do we want?"
Crowd: "Conan!"
Guy: "When do we want him?"
Crowd: "[Indecipherable nonsense, as 1/3 of the people shouted "Now!," 1/3 shouted "11:30!" (the time the show starts on the East Coast,) and 1/3 shouted "10:30!" (the time the show starts in Chicago.)]"


Here's a bit of the footage I threw together to give you a taste of the bizarre scene.  If you notice toward the end of the clip, you'll see my favorite sign of the day: Jon Hamm Should Play Captain America.  That guy's got a point.

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