Saturday, September 05, 2009

BIBJ Playlist of the 2000s entry #12: International Players Anthem by UGK (featuring OutKast)

Full Details of the BIBJ Millennial Playlist Hullabaloo are available here. Today's entry is #12: International Players Anthem by UGK featuring OutKast (2007)

I was going to write a video commentary here similar to the Bat For Lashes entry, but I quickly realized that it would take me approximately FOREVER to write about every moment that required further commentary. Do I start by exploring Andre 3000’s Scottish heritage? Or T-Pain’s skill in leading a gospel choir? Or Lukas Haas’ puzzling groomsman status? What about a head-to-head comparison of the wedding cake destruction here, with the similar act in the November Rain video?

As you can see, it’s an undertaking that just won’t quit, so I’ll let the images speak for themselves. I’ll simply say that when I get married, I imagine the day playing out EXACTLY like this. Though I might have a couple more pimps in attendance.

Int'l Players Anthem - UGK (mp3)

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