Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Purdue Basketball: Back on Track

I refrained from posting post-Arkansas-Pine Bluff (how 'bout them hyphens) in hopes that this Ball St. game would be a better return to form.

It was...sort of.

Purdue took down the Cardinals 68-39 tonight. The new starting lineup of LewJack, Nemanja, Kramer, Smooge, and Hummel still got off to a lackluster start letting Ball St. hang around until Purdue finally eclipsed 11 points and never looked back. Either way, it was good to see Painter mixing things up.

The 3-point shooting was still awful with the Boilers only hitting 3 overall. Yet the defense - the same defense that coach Matt Painter has publicly criticized recently - responded very well to the challenge holding BSU scoreless for a ridiculously long stretch and forcing 21 turnovers.

Side note A: Muncie traffic is rancid.
Side note B: Multiple news outlets (ESPN.com, Sportsline.com and not PurdueSports.com) included with their AP stories a tidbit about the Ball St. crowd chanting "Where's your bowl game?" clap, clap, clapclapclap!

That's not the whole story, though.
  • It started with the 40 or so Paint Crew members chanting "Ball State High School."
  • Then the Ball St. student section, the Nest, retorted with "Where's your bowl game."
  • Purdue fired back "Buff-a-lo! Buff-a-lo! Buff-a-lo!"
  • The Cardinals: "Four and nine! Four and nine!"
  • After some scoreboard pointing, the Paint Crew went with "We can't hear you," and Ball State's students had no response.
Don't let the AP fool you; the Paint Crew ended with the upper hand even if they were jerky enough to start it. Hopefully this foray into Muncie might start an annual matchup and set up another friendly yet part-times antagonistic rivalry.


boilerdowd said...

Good stuff, sir...since I was a bit under the weather, I wasn't able to get to Muncie; thus, I am not educated enough to post on the game...glad to see someone is doing it.

J Money said...

who went four and nine?

Ross McLochness said...

I had blocked the football season so far out of mind that I didn't notice they chanted "Four and Nine" instead of "Four and Eight."

BSU fans must be used to Purdue playing 13 games a season.