Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Drew Carey is dead inside

Apparently this took place on The Price Is Right today:

What the hell is wrong with Drew Carey? This is a history making moment and he couldn't care less! His comatose reaction makes me think something fishy is going on at the TPIR home offices. And how irate must that woman be who came within 500 dollars herself! None of this is adding up. Was Drew Carey neutered before taping? I am beside myself with equal parts confusion and rage

UPDATE: Will Leitch has a take on this phenomenon that involves re-shooting the segment, the ghettos of Connecticut, and Slumdog Winnebago owners. It's the best theory I can think of thus far.


Ross McLochness said...

I remember, as a kid, shitting myself when someone got within $100 and won both showcases. This is exponentially better than that.

I fully expect Dan Brown to devote his next novel to this phenomenon, a History Channel Modern Marvels episode, and someone to tie this to either Nostradamus or the Bible Code.

Nordstrom24 said...

Really - what the fuck is wrong with Drew - that is so disturbing - it's like all he wants to do is try and get the damn show over with so that he can just go to bar...