Sunday, November 09, 2008

Purdue Basketball: Reality Sets In

The ballyhoo of another D-II drubbing wore off as soon as I finished reading the story online.

It was great to hear about JaJuan Johnson's impressive line (22 pts, 14 rebs, 7 blocks) and read about the Boilers' climb out of a bit of adversity. Yet, hearing and reading are as far as I'm going to get into this game because it was once again broadcast online. For that matter, the regular season tipoff will be in the same boat when it's available exclusively on ESPN360. Does it bother me? Not really.

You see, as I was standing in the biting winds of East Lansing, I was readily reminded of the proximity of the dawning basketball season. The collective Purdue fans assembled for the football yawn-fest were more than ready to usher in a winning - and in that weather, indoor - season.

But, let's not count our proverbial chickens. Let's not jump into this season thinking that we're somehow owed something. I want to earn every bit of success this year, and that means not complaining that I'd have to sit in front of my laptop to break the seal on this season.

It's not a tall order. The NIT tipoff against Eastern Michigan will be on ESPN2 and my Tivo will be humming.

Bring on the season. I can almost taste it.

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