Saturday, November 01, 2008

Purdue Basketball: The Season Begins

Well, that's a good start.

The Boilermakers demolished Florida Southern last night...well, at least that's what I read. The game was broadcast online, and I was otherwise engaged at a Halloween soiree. I know, the bastion of fandom.

Come on, the Moccasins are D-2.

Lew Jack did have his hands on 20 points with 4 scored and 8 assists. Kramer didn't attempt a field goal, however. Yet, Ryne Sandberg Smith pours in 13 points in 20 minutes time.

The big story did not involve the Boilermakers though. The Big Ten Network has signed Gus Johnson - yes that Gus Johnson - as an announcer for the network team.

There's no word as to Johnson's status for the NCAA tournament and CBS. Either way, I can't wait to hear Gus rip through some Boiler victories.

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