Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today, I've three little nuggets of interweb music video goodness for you.

Justice- DVNO

I've already sung the praises of Justice in last year's best of '07 blog, and this video is already on my best of '08 list. Their video illustrator, So Me, incorporates all of those futuristic 80's television tags. You'll have flashbacks to HBO, MacGyver, and Reading Rainbow intros. What could be better?!

Rivers Cuomo - Lover In the Snow

Cuomo released a solo album of demos this summer, sort of a warm-up to the inevitably disappointing album Weezer is gonna put out in June. The video starts out with Rivers narrating his journey to becoming obsessed with soccer, then the song kicks in (the best song on the album) with a soccer workout montage (not unlike this), ultimately leading to him lengthening his leg in a drastic surgery, traveling the globe attending the past decade of World Cups, and scoring the first goal in a charity celebrity soccer game. He jumps on trampolines. He does Japanese stretches. He dribbles in the rain. Oh, and he's going through a mustache phase. Also, if interested, Cuomo is using youtube to write a song, with the help of anyone willing. I believe they're at step #6, lyrics, so join the fun/weirdness here.

Young at Heart - Fix You

You might want to grab the tissues for this one. I recently heard about this documentary, just released in New York, that follows a 25 member singing troupe as they rehearse for a new show. They're from New England, and have played all over over the world. Oh, and their average age is 80. Oh, and the songs they sing come from the catalogs of the Ramones, James Brown, the Clash, and Outkast. Here's the trailer. The film is being praised as heartwarming and heartbreaking all at once.

The trailer shows the heartwarming part, but this clip is heartbreaking side of the film. It features Fred Knittle, a survivor of congestive heart failure (you can hear his oxygen tank breathing for him as he sings) covering Coldplay's Fix You. The killer - it was supposed to be a duet. His singing partner, Bob Salvini, died of a heart attack days before the performance. Chris Martin has nothing on Fred Knittle.

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Jake said...

I like that Cuomo song and video. The man sure can write a catchy single.