Monday, April 14, 2008

Do you accept cash? Cha-ching!

As a 13-year-old, the viewing of "Wayne's World" had my mind reeling. When could I make a pilgrimage to Stan Mikita's Donut Shop? (Answer: Sadly, never, as it's not a real location, and the Stan Mikita statue now resides with MacGyver.) Should I know who Dick York and Dick Sargeant are? (No.) How great of a city must Aurora, Illinois be? (Not great at all. And it's not a city.) But my biggest question came upon seeing the oddest and perhaps most artistic image of the film came during the "Bohemian Rhapsody" segment (seen 3 minutes, 20 seconds into the clip below.) I wondered, "What the hell is that thing?"

The famous Berwyn car spindle now can be yours for the taking on Ebay. For the starting bid of $50K, you can have this 50-foot sculpture to do with as you please. Of course you'll also have to pay for removal and relocation, as the base of the structure apparently cannot be salvaged. But if you don't want your dirty your hands with those particulars, why not just pay $100K and have it shipped. Imagine the conversation piece that the Berwyn car spindle will bring to your next cookout/open house/Eyes Wide Shut party. You can offer up your small dog in sacrifice to the 1981 Ford Escort as seen below, or just relive the nostalgia of a simpler time in America; a time when the thought of Mike Myers becoming a bigger star than Dana Carvey would seem about as likely as...well, monkeys flying out of one's butt, as it were.

Mirthmoble not included.

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Ross McLochness said...

I took great delight - and I don't know why - at seeing the eBay listing note that the video "received wide play on the cable channel MTV."