Thursday, July 26, 2007

Air Guitar for your mouth

Recently, in an odd pairing (though it seems catered to my specific pop culture tastes), Kanye West asked Zach Galifianakis to come up with an alternate version to his video for the upcoming Graduation's "Can't Tell Me Nothing". Now, when I first saw this video, I thought three things: #1) this is simultaneously the worst music video by Kanye, #2)this is the worst video directed by Hype Williams, and #3) this is the worst single Kanye has put out (despite the fact that he mentions the fictitious Cosby-attended Hillman College). But I digress.

Kanye caught a Zach Galifianakis show, and eventually asked him to take a few bucks, and come up with something. He came up with this!

As you can see, Zach went with the ancient artform of lip synching (while riding a tractor). And it got me thinking of other lip synching videos. As you'll see, Galifianakis is sort of the Yankees of this genre. Here's my Top 5:

#5 - Paul Simon - "You Can Call Me Al"

The forefather of the genre, this is probably the last funny thing Chevy Chase did.

#4: Fiona Apple - "Not About Love"

While Zach's lip synching is obviously stunning, it is my humble opinion that the alley dancing and water dancing makes the video.

#3: Backstreet Boys - "I Want It That Way"

Though not an official video from the musician like the others on this list, it was one of this first classic youtube videos that spawned this new artform. I also love the fact that the guy in the background never turns around. I like to think that he still doesn't know this ever happened.

#2 - Aimee Mann - "Wise Up"

This one is actually a scene from P.T. Anderson's Magnolia. Still, it functions as a music video. And I know, they aren't technically lip synching (you can hear them singing themselves), but what are you gonna do?I will say that it's much more powerful if you've seen (and loved) the film.

#1: Anita Baker - "You Bring Me Joy"

It was after seeing this video that Kanye (and probably Fiona) sought out Zach for his synching services. I DEFY you to watch this video and not laugh. The ferris wheel. Zach "Teenwolfing" that station wagon. Watching Wolf Blitzer in a bar. This video has it all. And I think that after watching, you'll agree no one lip synchs with more passion.

I encourage you to suggest any video I may have overlooked in the comments!


Walter Sobchak said...

I'm not certain but I think the video for Radiohead's "High and Dry" features lip-synching from all the customers in the cafe.

triplethreat32007 said...

This Anita Baker vid is great! On MySpace there is a video for "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. My friend and her boyfriend recorded this lip-synch masterpeice in Phoenix. If you can pull it up you'll be sure to get a good laugh!