Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bill Murray has always been a genius

From 1982:

This is the kind of stuff people just throw on their Tumblr site (oh by the way...)  but no!  It needs to be as widespread as possible.

Here's an honest question.  Is there any settting within the known universe wherein Bill Murray could walk in and NOT be greeted by all attendees as a welcome addition?  I say definitively NO.  Seriously.  Give me any possible situation:  The closing of an auto factory.  Your father's funeral.  A school board meeting.  Any possible scenario and/or setting that exists within the earth-bound universe would be improved for EVERY ATTENDEE if Bill Murray showed up.  And that my friends is the difference between Bill Murray and everyone else in the world.

Yeah, I've been drinking a little.  BUT THE POINT STILL HOLDS UP.

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