Monday, December 06, 2010

Bad Idea 2010 Playlist Part II

2010 Playlist: The Sequel.  Does the quality of Volume 2 rise above that of Volume 1 (a la "Kill Bill"), or does it merely serve as a cheap, soulless imitation of the earlier inspired incarnation (a la Schottzie 02, the dog that NEVER won a World Series.)*  I maintain that much like the legacy of George W. Bush, history will have the final say on which answer is correct, at such a point in time that both you and I will likely have been dead for ages.  Happy holidays everyone!  Let's kick out the jams!

UPDATE:   Soundcloud took down the stream - advance straight to the zip file.

LCD Soundsystem - If you are a fan of things that are great, you'll be interested in James Murphy's outstanding interview this week on Sound Opinions.  He is quickly rising to Tweedy/Darnielle/Finn status as front men who as entertaining in interviews as they are musically.
Jonsi - I always find it enjoyable how Sigur Ros lyrics are sung in a non-existant language, so I was a little worried that Jonsi singing in English would lessen the impact.  Fortunately, you still can't understand anything he's saying!
Arcade Fire - After years of struggle, they've finally worked their way up to the level of critical acclaim enjoyed by Katy Perry.  (Sidenote: Have you looked at the list of recent "Album of Year" winners?  It's amazing!  I think the reason there hasn't been a proper Outkast album since 2004 is because they're traumatized by their win.)
Frightened Rabbit - I legitimately wonder what the benefit is for bands to sign with major labels any more.  Radio play and promotion budgets don't really exist for rock bands in 2010, right?  
Kurt Vile - I enjoy mocking bands whose music may appear on Grey's Anatomy, but anyone who gets a song to close out Eastbound & Down is a winner in my book.
Hollerado - I had never heard these guys before seeing them open for Free Energy last month.  They made a video for this song that's so awesome, I imagine OK Go watching it and seething that they didn't come up with the idea first.
Frontier Ruckus - Yesterday I said that Phosphorescent reminds me of when Ryan Adams was good.  Frontier Ruckus apparently reminds RYAN ADAMS of when Ryan Adams was good.
Harlem - I'll always be partial to sloppy garage rock.  Likewise, I'm always inclined to negatively pre-judge any band in the "chillwave" genre.  That's the worst new genre name, right?  Am I forgetting a worse one? 
Girls - This band was started by someone who grew up in the Children of God cult!  Seems like he should have been able to come up with a more creative band name.
Gayngs - This song is from their live Daytrotter session.  Justin Vernon's falsetto was made to cover Sade songs.  The couples' skate soundtrack at the hipster roller rink.
Yeasayer, Local Natives, Sharon Van Etten, The National - These songs are all great.  Enough with the chatter already.

--Zipped file of all 25 tracks here (216 megs)--

*I went to Marge Schott's wikipedia page to verify when the original Schottzie died, (1991 if you're curious) and read something I'd never seen before.  She re-gifted flowers to pass them off as a condolence bouquet for John McSherry's funeral.  This of course, came AFTER she bitched about McSherry collapsing on the field and "ruining" opening day in Cincinnati.  I obviously knew she was an old mean racist, but STILL, holy shit!

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