Thursday, August 12, 2010

Drift Shaft records not included

I made peace awhile ago in regards to what Weezer has become.  Despite the diminishing returns of each album, they still have become masters in marketing themselves in ways that have nothing to do with their songs themselves (Exhibit A-Z: Snuggies!)  Perhaps Weezer truly are the second coming of Kiss?

The pitch of style over substance was on display again this week.  I saw the band's new single linked a few different places, but those mentioned were dwarfed drastically by news of the album's cover photo.

Delightful!  Although Hurley was partial to another band, this photo couldn't be more joyous if he were fully decked out in a Mr. Cluck's uniform.

Will the album be good?  Who knows?  Probably not that good, but maybe kinda good!  Does it matter?  Not really!  What matters is that I want LOST connections on all indie rock album covers from now on!  So I took it upon myself to make several of them!  Feel free to print these at and glue them to your CD covers. (That is a joke - nobody buys CDs.  Please copy and past into your magical lower-left iTunes box to your heart's content.)

Was this good use of a couple hours on a Thursday?  Or THE BEST use of a couple hours on a Thursday?  You do the math.

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Costello said...

I can't wait until Ben Linus sees this and tries to sue Vampire Weekend.