Friday, May 22, 2009

Runaway Daughters

We don't want to steal our own thunder from the annual year-end music video post (only seven months away!) but thus far Patrick Daughters is dominating the '09 field. In just the last three months, Daughters has made three ridiculously awesome clips. Time to pick up your game, everyone else.

Depeche Mode: Wrong
Two items of note here:
1. The most shocking this to me about this clip is that a record label actually spent some significant cash on a music video in 2009.
2. I initially thought this video was simply edited backwards, a la Coldplay or Mute Math. But after 60 seconds or so, I realized this was not the case. Soon after that, I realized that this video apparently takes place in CREEP CITY, USA. Population: Nightmare Fuel.

Department of Eagles: No One Does it Like You
Since the beginning of time, mankind has wondered, "Is it possible to feel an emotional attachment to ghosts lacking facial expressions?" Finally in 2009, this question was answered: Yes, but only if one of these ghosts has a limb amputated. The dancing/skating/shooting doesn't hurt either.

Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks
This was just released today, and I'm not sure what on earth is going on here. There's clearly something "off" about the faces from the get go, like a much more subtle use of the Black Hole Sun manipulation. But after that initial creepiness, things are taken to the next level, and your guess is as good as mine as to what it all means. Testify!

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