Saturday, October 06, 2007

Zero Hour in Washington?

That's Willie Deane, former standout for the Purdue Boilermakers who was recently picked up - along with a 40 year old, and a 13 year NBA veteran - to play with the Washington Wizards.

Deane was more than loved in Boilerland not only for his play - a bright spot in the waning trough of Gene Keady's career - but for his look. He pulled off cornrows in an area where most people expect cornrows to, well, grow corn.

And he endeared himself to many by sporting a jersey number not seen too often. Eschewing the double worn by many big men, Deane was simply Zero. 0. Nada.

Here comes the hard part. If Deane works his way past these other dinosaurs into the Washington lineup, will there be any question of Gilbert Arenas - Agent Zero himself - sharing his nothingness?

How often does one team have two guys used to wearing zero? I'd put the chances at, well, zero.

Honestly, I think Willie Deane is only concerned with zeroes at the end of a paycheck, but it would be great to see them settle this jersey debate once and for all and shoot for it.

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