Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blame It On The Love of Rock and Roll

As it now seems this story has been told from one point of view, I believe Jerry McClure's recap could very easily be "Misunderstood." (Side note - I guess I have to use Bon Jovi songs references to make the same impact good ole' JMC did).

Now there's a bit of a back story that was lost in the previous recap. To begin with a friend of mine called me months ago to say his girlfriend was getting tickets for the Wednesday, July 19th Bon Jovi concert at Giants Stadium, and he wanted me to go. He asked how many would I like and by the time I got a head count, she had already made the order for their group. Now plenty of tickets were available on-line at the time, but I made a call to a work contact of mine to "Hook Me Up" with two tickets for the July 19th show. I even made sure to emphasize that if he couldn't get that date, to let me know because I could get them on my own. So a week before the show I get a call saying not only did he get the 2 tickets I asked for, but 2 extra just because I've been good to him and his company over the past year. Of course when I hear that I decide that Jerry is a must to ask because to his credit he gets lots of tickets and always hooks me up (on the right date too - lets just nip that joke in the bud before it gets thrown back).

When Wednesday rolls around "I Get A Rush" because everyone is psyched for the show and I’m happy that everyone gets to see Bon Jovi in New Jersey - the greatest state in the country. When we get to the parking lot we tailgate and I do proceed to go one for one with my girlfriend which eventually does skew off a bit with the finally tally being her 5 to my 7 - still a pretty good ratio.

As we walk in, getting ready for Bon Jovi to "Let It Rock" the revelation comes out that the tickets were for the night before. Now a few things here 1) yes, I had them for a week but how often does someone check the date on tickets? Granted 90% of the time it because you buy them by the date - but in this case I specifically asked for a certain day as the whole basis of the request. Yes my oversight, but still an honest mistake. 2) I might not have the social schedule of Lindsay Lohan, but I still have better shit to do even on a Wednesday night then coral a bunch of friends and take them to a concert on the wrong night and 3) I immediately felt bad about the situation and took every step I could to rectify it. I basically told the concert I'm not "Letting You Go"

So after several attempts to get in - two things did happen. 1) I did get aggravated at the lady at the ticket window. Why you ask would I call her the "c-word?" (side note: I didn't say this to her face - I said it to my friends) Well one very nice gentleman in a white shirt pointed out that someone at the will-call could at their discretion exchange the 4 tickets I had for 4 tickets that were not picked up. We would have to wait until the box office was about to close, but we could still catch half the concert. When I went up to the window the gentlemen there said he would do it as long as the guy in the white shirt confirmed we had the conversation. Meanwhile this lady (who previously wouldn't even talk to me when I got the window and accused me of trying to pull one over on her) runs down the line to take the tickets from the guy and tells him to not help me. It wasn't her business and she clearly didn't see the "Right Side of Wrong." 2) My "fighting" with my girlfriend was a quick outburst (all be it an unfair one as well) expressing in a louder tone that I didn't want to give up yet. After probably 2 minutes of this exchange we both moved on to the icy/silent period, then into the apology stage, and then thankfully the making a joke of it stage. This happens with couples all the time, but since Jerry's currently "Without Love," he wouldn't know.

In the end, we had a lovely meal at Chili's which I actually paid for to make amends to everyone. Notice he didn't mention that. Guess you could say it was "Blood Money." Bottom Line; Jerry's felt the need to "Bang the Drum" about how this night was like a glass of "Bitter Wine," when really "I Believe" that "Hard Times Come Easy," and while I was looking for a "Miracle" I have "No Regrets" for trying to make amends. In the end all you can really do is "Raise Your Hands" and say we'll catch Bon Jovi next time they "Come Back" and have "One Wild Night." "The End"

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