Friday, June 09, 2006

The Hills...ARE ALIVE!

Can you believe its only 2 years ago that MTV blessed America with the paramount of guilty pleasure programming "Laguna Beach?" I can't either. I have to admit when those crazy kids graduated last year i thought the run was over. But no, MTV would not let us down. With some much uncertainty in the middle east, the economy still finding its legs, and gas prices skyrocketing, the Moonman said "Let's play it one more time." And thus, "The Hills" were born. Its a year after LC decided San Francisco wasn't the happening, hip spot she thought it was, so this time around she's hanging her hat in LA. Right there, huge upgrade. These days instead of having hot tub parties at the her parents house (probably the sickest house ive ever seen by the way and that's including 5 years of dedicated Cribs viewing) LC is going to fashion school and interning at "Teen Vogue." Right there you just have to admire her work ethic. Who did you know sophomore year that had an internship? Sure LC has some trouble in her first few days on the job, but really who doesn't. She's smart enough to take the computer farthest from the door and tilt it so no-one can see what she's doing, so right there she's showing the maturity of a well seasoned member of the work force. Expect more of that on the ball thinking to develop as the fall line comes out.
Of course no good spoiled rich kid reality show can survive with just one protagnoist. With the familiar faces of Kristin, Alex B, Alex G, Alex W, and Talon all gone on to bigger things like being engaged to Kimberly Stewart for 6 hours, MTV actually upgraded the mix so to speak with a new batch of wealthy underachievers. Right away we're swept away with LC's new roommate Heidi. A Kirstin look alike with the ambition to "Want a job where i get to go to parties," Heidi has the gumption to go after what she wants in life without making excuses. I admire her moxy. Here's a girl with no sign of cognative thinking, yet she's now the assistant to the assistant at a public realtions firm. Corporate ladder be damned, Heidi's in town and she's making waves. The third member of this modern day Josie and the Pussycats is Audrina. Although im not quite sure what her name is a mix of, i can tell you she is also quite ambitious. Currently, Audrina is employed as a recepionist at a trendy movie studio (code word for either Vivid productions or the studio that made SAW and SAWII) but she's not stopping there. According to her MTV bio, Audrina aspires to be a "mactress," the sultry combination of Model/Actress. I like her spirit. Of course no good collection of girls is good without their male counterparts. The Hills sports Jordan and Brian. Neither of these guys seem to have an occupation or much ambition, but hey everyone's still in college. I detect a deep spirituality with these two guys, perhaps a belief that our destiny is not our own, but rather at the hands of God, so in the meantime might as well max out your parents credit card on trucker hats and appletini's at trendy clubs right? Carpe Diem fellas.
All in all this show is top shelf. In the season teaser at the end of episode 1, we see the highs and lows that come with the world of "Teen Vogue," laughter, friendship, and even the return of Jason, who is not the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers. As you can see that joke is getting old, which is why this whole new cast is worth their weight in gold - new jokes, new stuggles, new love, and a new way to spend Wednesday night. Yes "the Hills" truly are alive.

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Johnny Cakes but not gay said...

Lauren is the most boring person on the planet. She was yawnsville on Laguna, and now she's even worse playing that mother hen shit. She's lucky she's so effing hot cause she is really boring. I'm getting bored of myself just writing about her.

Now Heidi, thassa spicy meatball. I can't decide if I find her attractive or not. She's definitely a poor man's Kristin, but she also must have a 666 birthmark somewhere.

The best part of the show is the world of Teen Vogue. Whoa... it's kind of serious there. It's like working at the pentagon or CTU or something.

Full disclosure: I could probably go to prison for commenting on Lauren's physical appearance. I forget how young they all are on these shows.