Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Touch of Grey

So Mother's Day 2006 - at a small italian restaurant in the east 60's - about 15 or so families of different ethinicities and creeds are all conversing over good wine and great food. All of a sudden a slight hush comes over the restaurant in a wave that starts at the front bar and carrys through to the back. What you ask was the hush for? "Meredith Grey" from Grey's Anatomy had just entered the building. Shorter and more thin (hard to imagine i know) then you would guess from her TV persona - Ms. Grey (i don't know her real name and im too lazy to look it up on imdb) entered with a party of 8-10 people and then dissapeared to a back table away from the common-folk. While there was a small rush of excitement, within seconds the conversations at the surrounding tables resumed - and not of the ABC hit drama's star that just walked in - but rather who cousin Bob was dating, why aunt susie can't figure out how to set up her voice mail, and of course, the neighbors inconsiderate habit of mowing the lawn at 8am on saturdays.
This "celebrity" sighting led to a personal debate...do i get star struck and if I do, what celebrities would conjur up that reaction? I tend to be an almost anti-celebrity person. If i see a celeb i try not to look twice, i try not to impose on their privacy, and in the rare times i do cross paths - i subscribe to the notion that a hand shake and "Im a fan of your work" is much more appreciated then an autograph request or a picture being taken. So who would be a celeb that would get me excited?
I started with my sports heroes and i came up with a few different answers. Just looking at 2 of my favorite teams, the Yankees and the Celtics, i came up with different answers. With the Yanks, i was a die hard Don Mattingly fan. I always heard stories about Donny Baseball being seen at the local Grand Union and how he was good to kids and nice to the parents. My only interaction with the man who shares my birthday (4/20...smoke if you got 'em) was a letter i sent to him in 5th grade which received a reply from his fan club and a signed photo. As for the Celtics, I loved Larry Bird. While Larry might have been a Dr. Jekyl on the hardwood in terms of concocting game winning shots and heart stopping plays, he was allegedly a Mr. Hyde off it. From all accounts Larry Legend is kind of a pissy guy who drops Bob Knight type statements without the General's charasmatic charm.
With athletes coming up a push, i went to musicians. That lasted about 5 mins...I don't think i would want to meet any musician i like. They all seem pompous and self-indulgent which makes for a sick hidden track, but not really a good encounter. I can tell you from personal experience, i almost ran over the asian guitar player in O.A.R. and he was pretty salty about the whole situation. I mean if he's crabby, just imagine how Bono would be.
Finally i got the actors/actresses. There are literally thousands of "celebrities" in Hollywood ranging from the imortal Sean Connery to the guy who lives next door who was in a Denny's commercial. Technically they are both actors. I don't think id care to meet Paris Hilton, Leo DiCaprio, Toby McGuire, or any of the young hollywood generation. I would however like to meet one celebrity in particular...Vince Vaughn. Here's a guy that has a comedy resume of hit after hit, he tried his hand in drama's only to see them blow up in his face, so he know sticks with what works. He was Trent in swingers who got the girl, he was Ricky Slade in Made that used the same lines as Trent but with much different results, he was Beanie in Old School, Wes Mantooth in Anchorman, and Jeremy in Wedding Crashers - but before all that he was Jamie O'Hara who put it on the money when it counted to get Rudy on the field to make the magic happen. That's a man who's hand i would like shake

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